I figured out recently some life hacks for my art room/art hanging. I have made a clothesline sort of display for hanging art because nothing sticks to my walls. As you can see there’s a radiator below the artwork and that radiator pumps out steaming hot air which makes everything fall off the wall. This clothesline should be a quick and clever solution for switching out art.
My other art life heck is that I took clothes pins and hot glued them to the wooden border on my bulletin board and whiteboard area. The boards in my room are neither magnetic nor actual corkboard’s as it is a very old-school and that’s just not what they were made to be. So I have been left with coming up with ways to hang things on the board that are unconventional. I have tried just taping things up but it falls off. I’ve tried taping up sleeve protectors and sliding work in and out of sleeve protectors and it’s very annoying as I’m constantly having to rotate the direction of the sleeve protector depending on when I’m displaying. There’s a portion of my bulletin board area that is higher up and I just don’t utilize it because it’s not a corkboard and I can’t attach anything to it. So now with the clothespins firmly attached I will be able to hang posters, artwork, whatever….

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