My Core Values

List between 5-9 values that are most important to you and explain why in 1-2 sentences for each.

I may change this list later, but this is first what comes to mind…

Honesty– Being true to oneself, trustful of others, and honest to the ones you are working with and/or serving leads to more authentic leadership. It’s much easier to be honest than to lie.

Reliability– A leader is someone others rely on, and it’s important in maintaining trust and respect to be someone others can count on. Show up on time, answer emails, do what you say you are going to do.

Flexibility/Adaptability- Times change so incredibly fast now, and an effective leader has to be able to roll with that and learn how to adapt with the times. Saying something like “kids these day don’t …” is regressive. Kids will always be changing, trends will always be changing, technology will always be changing- a strong leader will adapt, be flexible and know when to change with it.

Reflection– It’s important to always look at your own journey and to be introspective about it. Understanding where you came from, taking note of your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding what you need to work on. A reflective practitioner and leader continues to grow and learn and understands who they are and where they want to go.

Humor/humility- This speaks to being a humble leader and knowing how to lead with dignity, how to remain grounded, and to not be ashamed of yourself, but also knowing when to have fun. Being able to lead effectively while also enjoying yourself and putting smiles on faces.

Competency– It’s important to be prepared for a role as a leader, and it can be frustrating when someone is in charge and cannot perform their duties with proficiency. I realize it’s not possible to know everything about a position or role, but having the ability to seek out the knowledge and to do so proactively can speak to one’s dedication and understanding of being that competent leader.

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