Alaska day 3

  • Hit the road to Wasilla for our visit with Martin Busser at Happy Trails Kennel and his Sled Dogs
  • Hung out with all the puppies and learned about how they prepare for the Iditarod
  • Traveled to Talkeetna and ate lunch on the bus
  • Got on the Talkeetna Air Taxi, a 10 passenger plan equipped to land on a glacier
  • Flew all around Denali and the surrounding glaciers and mountains and landed on a Glacier!! I ate some glacial ice, because of course I had to
  • Walked around the small village of Talkeetna and ate Fireweed ice cream- Yummo!! I skipped some rocks in the river and found a few to take with me 🙂
  • Long drive to Grizzly Bear Resort in Denali National Park area- Great resort with camper, campsite, and room options
  • Ate dinner at a food truck in the resort- Thai food! Lot’s of Thai options in the area
  • Hung out on the patio of our room, with a glass of wine and listening to the river

Soaring above the land
White noise as your soundtrack
Turn a corner and
You'll never want to look back.

Views that will draw a tear
Your eyes can't believe what they see
As the mountains draw near
This is where you want to be.

Majestic scenes at every turn
It's hard for the mind to comprehend.
Nature that'll make you yearn
For this beauty to never come to an end.

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