Alaska Day 5

Day 5 was a traveling day on a train. Long day of travel but I enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Breakfast again at the Black bear cafe- Alaskan Benedict with smoked salmon. Yum!
  • Back to Denali Park to romp around for an hour before we had to board the train.
  • I made the most of that hour and hiked to Horseshoe Lake to see the Beaver dam and hopefully to see some beavers. It was raining and I made it to the damn but saw no beavers. I had to run un the trail to get back to the shuttle in time- up steps and hills. It was a breathtaking exhausting, wetty, and sweaty run…but I made it back!
  • We took the Alaskan Rail Wilderness Express train with the glass domed ceiling.
  • Smoked salmon chowder for lunch on the train and Halibut for dinner on the train.
  • I bought a goofy engineer cap because why not?!!
  • Got back into Anchorage in the evening, and to avoid spending time in the gross hotel, we walked around and got ice cream at Wild Scoops. Fireweed again. I got mine with a “baked Alaska” on top. Marshmallow Fluff torched! Sooooo good.
I'm sorry that you're feeling queasy
Motion sickness isn't easy.
And when ginger just won't do the trick
You can step outside to get sick.
But how amazing is it to ride the rail!
Sit back. Enjoy the view. And drink some ale!
With it's views of Alaska from the glass dome ceiling
The Wilderness Express gives you a special feeling.

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