Alaska Day 6

On our way to Seward this day! An oceanside town, with a large fishing industry. Set against the backdrop of the mountains, this town easily became my favorite!

  • Shuttle to Seward… amazing views with little rays of light peeking through. The horizon seemed to go on forever fading away.
  • Quick look from the street of the Alaska Wildlife Center where we saw buffalos and a moose (the moose was too far away)
  • Stopped for a pit stop at a little coffee/ice cream shop. Cute location with a lake and Mountains of course. I did cartwheels. It just felt right.
  • Passed over Kenai lake- gorgeous!
  • Grabbed lunch from the lighthouse bakery in Seward. Met the owners little 5 year old daughter who was a cute lil chatterbox.
  • Ate my egg salad sammy on the shuttle as we drove to Exit Glacier
  • Hiked Exit Glacier. Started off with Ranger Rob, but there were far too many people crowded in that group, so I went rogue and did my own thing. Stood on the glacier bed of rocks with black sand. Climbed my way as far as I could go without damaging nature or leaving a trace.
  • Back into the town of Seward and walked around for a few hours. Explored the coast, watched some salmon fishers, and saw tourists and fisherman’s big catches! And I mean BIG!
  • Ate a salmon dinner at Chinook, and of course I also had to have a king crab leg. Watched the shadow’s mountain take over and it almost got dark!
  • Walked the dock and the beach a little more before bed time.
Quiet and calm
Disappearing into the inlet's mist
Subdued and hushed
Where the ocean meets the mountain's kiss
Endless hills
Colliding into the mountain hue
Forward on
Fading out of our own view

The sun sleeps behind the mountains
But the light echoes in the sky
It glows in between the valleys
And slips away gently with no goodbye
Left in the shadow of the mountains
Time eludes the silhouetted town
Discovering the quiet beauty of the valley
Only moments til daylight's crown

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