Alaska Day 7

Day 7 was our boat ride to the Kenai Fjords. Absolutely unbelievable. We saw seals, otters, bald eagle, puffins, orca whales, comorans, and some other bird related to the penguin and living up on the cliffs with puffins. Oh, and we saw climate change and global warming in effect with the glaciers. But that’s not real, right?

I can’t fit all the photos onto this post so I will make a second one… that one will have the whales and other wildlife…

Please excuse any crooked shots. Not easy taking photos on a boat, and dude, I don’t have time to go through and straighten all of them. Just pretend you are on the boat.

  • Woke up for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. They had a vegan sausage skillet scramble. Yum.
  • Loaded onto the boat for Kenai Fjords tour. Big ol boat with lots of folks on it. I found that I liked riding in the very front like a mermaid on a mast, the best. 🙂 Some good wave jumping action there and the best spot to scout the wild life.
  • Headed to the glacier first, and then to see a pod of orcas that was spotted, and then over to the cliffs where the puffins hang out.
  • Headed back to Anchorage. Most folks were a little wheezy from sea sickness, but that doesn’t affect me and I had all the free refills on coffee I could stand!
  • Pit stop somewhere on the Seward Highway. Grabbed some delicious ice cream.
  • Back to Anchorage- and low and behold- the crumby Aviator screwed up our reservation. Too long and complicated to explain, but just don’t ever stay there!!!!
  • Didn’t really eat dinner this night.
  • But did have more ice cream from Wild Scoops!!! I had some pea berry flavor with matcha almond cookie crumbles and of course, the baked alaska on top. Duh.
  • Walked around a bit, and then off to reorganize the packing for our departure the next day.

There is one poem… but I will save that for the Alaska Day 7 Part 2 post. 🙂

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