This week in the Nebinger Art Studio…

IMG_1673 IMG_1674 IMG_16751st grade is working on Ted Harrison inspired row houses.
IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1655

Middle School Studio Art has their designs on fabric for their batik. Can you recognize the famous works of art they choose to draw from??

IMG_1693 IMG_1694

Middle School Studio Art has begun engineering tubular sculpture inspired by Alexander Liberman. No rules, just gotta use the tubes, glue, and scissors. …to be painted later.

A tree for the seasons…

I did this once a long while ago when I taught elementary in Delaware. I made a tree and changed its leaves, decoration, and animals for each season. I decided to do that here at Nebinger this year since I have a big ok basement hallway to play around with.


This is just the start of it… Hard to find the extra time to work on this. I need more leaves for the “ground” to represent the falling of the leaves in autumn. The leaves up there now were made by the lower grade autistic support classes.

We will change it to no leaves during winter (maybe keep some on the ground) and add snow and snowflakes. Maybe even some snowy owls.

So many exciting things!

A lot is going on at Nebinger in the art world!


We had a fantastic field trip to the PMA…My middle school studio art students…

22827266361_3e726ae64b_o students-at-the-museum_22193205874_o students-at-the-museum_22193206784_o students-at-the-museum_22193211354_o students-at-the-museum_22194802483_o students-at-the-museum_22194802803_o students-at-the-museum_22194803943_o students-at-the-museum_22397577827_o

I really like this photo ๐Ÿ™‚


Lots of observational drawing and discussion on art

students-at-the-museum_22423768809_o students-at-the-museum_22627944990_o students-at-the-museum_22627959010_o students-at-the-museum_22789950976_o students-at-the-museum_22802433222_o students-at-the-museum_22815938155_o

Here is a list poem the students collaborated on with our guide, Rebecca:

Three Musicians โ€“ How are there 4 People?
cold soulless eyes
a music book
a mask
3 people
different shapes
a band
it looks like they love music
a desk
hat and glasses
all different colors
stained glass
in the hallway
forest green
I see the light while theyโ€™re playing
Tiki guy
a bright smile

This group of students will have work on display at the PMA in January, as they are part of the Delphi Art Partners.

In addition to that, I went to Fresh Artists today and was pleased to see one of our students art on permanent display in their outdoor space. ๐Ÿ™‚ The art to the right is Nebinger work! ๐Ÿ™‚


Roy’s work, pictured above is also on display at the Comcast Building on Market Street. His classmate Robert also has a piece in that show! These kids get better art cred than me!

Learning Batik

My middle school studio arts students are learning Batik through our partnership with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. So far we have practiced using the tjanting (the drawing tool) in the hot wax and have begun to plan out our collaborative Batik piece. Ms. Donna Backues (our resident artist) has been wonderful in leading my students through the process. ย It’s all very exciting and I look forward to seeing the progress.

image image image image image image