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I find these very inspiring images for future project potential. The colors! The balance! The patterns! The symmetry! Love it. wnycradiolab: finelinemagazine: KENOJUAK ASHEVAK We’re loving the honest simplicity of these pieces by Inuit folk artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Seemingly borrowed … Continue reading


I was born to be an art teacher. Some things you just know for certain. I love teaching art, and I know I am good at it. 

I love planning lessons, teaching art history, teaching technique, and helping students grow artistically and creatively. I even enjoy the paperwork aspect of being a teacher. I love the relationships I develop with my students and I love learning from them as well. 

I love my job. 

Today I feel a little down. I feel under-appreciated.  I am scared of loosing my job- or loosing some of the classes I teach. I’m not struggling completely, but I feel the an ominous sensation of struggle to come. Today is punching me in the gut. I am living in uncertainty right now, and I need stable ground. I need courage. I need to remember why I do what I do.


Found this awesome and true illustration surfin’ the net. Totes hanging it in mah class room.