Kehinde Wiley inspired…

Ever since I first saw Kehinde Wiley’s work I wanted to do a student project based on it. I have seen a few other teachers’ lessons, but I didn’t totally gravitate toward them. So I came up with my own, based on a lesson with different content I saw in a students teaching art show. This project was done with a 7th/8th grade class.

Sooooo, here’s how it went…

First students looked at a presentation on Kehinde, watched a video, and did a compare and contrast.

Next, students looked at black and white copies of western art and chose a pose they wanted to recreate. Using the iPads, students photographed each other in those poses. I printed the photos in black and white.

Students took the photos and traced them onto transparency film with sharpie. I chose for them to trace, because I wanted them to feel successful in their art, and they have not had but two art classes in their elementary and middle school times. Also, there is a good deal of attention and care that needs to be paid when tracing, so they were tasked to being careful observers of the lines and textures, and deciding what was important to trace.

File_003 (2)

File_004 (2).jpeg

Following that, students used acrylic paint to mix there own skin tones and clothing colors. I made a laminated palette because kids kept taking way too much paint.

File_006 (1)

Lastly, students designed a patterned background and could use any medium of their liking to add color.

The transparency portrait was paired with the pattern background to make the final piece. 🙂

File_001 (1)File_005 (1)443312404465397044654174

Pretty darn happy with these. What do you think?

Art, art, everywhere…

I have not posted in a while. Sorry. It’s been super busy y’all! I got a lot of art hung up recently. It’s all in Nebinger’s auditorium “gallery” space. Endless white walls for me to hang on.

Here you see the kindergarten “Birds of a Color” or “For the Birds” project… whichever title you prefer. They mixed their own secondary colors and learned a few different ways to draw birds, all after watching Pixar’s “For the Birds”.
These are the third grade pop art portraits done in primary colors.   Below are 1st grader’s row home cityscapes, inspired by the colors and lines in the landscapes of Ted Harrison. If you are not familiar with his work, look it up. Total eye candy for kids and adults alike.
These are the 6th grade “Half-a-Selfie” portraits. Pretty self explanatory. We did a lot of prep to learn how to draw the face. I feel like a lot of them were still very uncomfortable with this though, but for it only being their second year having a formal art class (or any art at all), I think they did pretty good! Now if we could just get them to focus more and less with the talking. 😉  Here we have the 5th grade “Minecraft Me” pixelated portraits made from 1″ squares of paint chips donated by Fresh Artist and Behr paints. These were  A LOT of work to do, but I think they are quite interesting to see! 

Feel free to get in touch with me about any of the lessons. Some I found inspiration from other lessons on the web, some are classics, and some are inspired by friends. 🙂

Come check out Nebinger’s art again soon!!!