Teaching Artist talk @ Philadelphia City Hall with Eric Booth

These are my notes from a lecture I went to on December 1st at City hall led by Eric Booth. …
Artist as catalysts

He had an experience in Australia… Teaching artistry-going global- toured Australia about that idea but they were not comfy with that term… They were looking at the phrase artist catalyst. Catalyst being a more reactive word that described what was happening more succinctly. 
Unesco art Ed conference- 1st one… No Americans at the conferences b/c they forgot to invite them! 
2 things the US has developed better than other countries:
Partnerships through art organizations and schools
Teaching artists
   Both through necessity 
Role of artists:
LINK 97% of Americans say the arts make a sig percent of difference 
27 say artists make a sig percent of difference 
2 definitions of art
All the art in those special buildings … For people who understand it (the art club) 7% of people
… We think the other 93% can see the same way if we just help them…
The other definition is art that just exists in their lives normally ie. Playing music, sewing, etc
“Anytime you see seeming polarities look for the commonalities that contain them both” -(look up name)
Get people to make art they care about!
Intrinsic vs instrumental values of art- pointless argument say Booth… 
You get the instrumental if you go through the inherent. Do it because it is interesting and awesome and the is vitality to it.
The artist experience- Expand your sense of the way the world is or might be.
Agent of artistic experience- there to support people’s capacity to slip into art
Collective impact- aligning the work of a few institutions to make a genuine value of the community to accomplish together…
Wholehearted contributors to the values of our community
6 purpose threads of teaching artistry:
Enhance the encounter with works of art
Skills development in the arts to deepen the development of art making skills
Arts integration- to catalyze the learning in nonart subjects
Community enhancement- to increase the livability of communities 
Social development- social capacities through arts (collective impact)
Other instrumental goals- working with non arts partners to achieve goals
Korea is increasing national happiness by hiring and training 5,000 teaching artists!!
Plato- teach its people to find pleasure in the right things- for a society to succeed – to be healthy and vital.
Frost-  from Two tramps in mudtime